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Registration Procedure 2019-2020

The registration process is a three-step process, which includes 1) Signing commitment letter with Jr. Lightning Club, 2) Registering online with USA Hockey, and 3) completing and submitting the required paperwork to the Jr. Lightning Registrar.

Jr. Lightning team commitment letter

The first step is to complete and sign the commitment letter.  Return this to a TBJL Board Member.  Then arrange payment with the treasurer. 

USA Hockey Registration

The second step is to register with USA Hockey.  All players and coaches are required to register directly with USA hockey.  The online process is very simple and is outlined below.  Players and coaches who fail to register cannot be allowed to participate in any hockey program.  If you have any questions, please contact Jr. Lightning registrar, Adrianne Johnson by email at

Guide to USA Hockey online registration

The USA hockey season goes from September 1 through August 31 each year.  Online registration for the 2019-2020 season will be available starting April 1, 2019  To complete your players’ USA hockey registration complete the following steps.

Go to and click on membership tab then click on registration online on left side.

Choose member type: Ice player or coach

You must be 18 years or age to process a registration.  Check the box that acknowledges that you are 18 or older.

Follow the prompts… fill in all data correctly. You must enter your child’s name as is appears on their birth certificate.  NO NICK NAMES ALLOWED!

Process payment – Visa, MasterCard, and American express (credit or debit card) A Visa gift card can be used for payment if no credit card is available.

You may print your confirmation page at this time.  Your confirmation will be emailed to you immediately after registration is completed.  Retain your USA hockey registration number because you will need to submit this to the Registrar.

USA hockey fees: Each participant will pay the USA hockey fee of $46.00 if age 7 or older.  The USA hockey fee is waived for all players with a birth year of 2013 or later (age 6 and younger).   There is also an affiliate fee from our league of $ 10.00.  Manager/Volunteer registration is available at no charge and does not allow for on-ice participation.

Completion of the required paperwork

The final step in the registration process is the completion and submission of the required paperwork.  This includes:

  1.  A consent to treat/Medical history form 
  2.  A Player/Coach code of conduct form 
  3. A Parent code of conduct form
  4. SAHOF Informed Consent about Concussions or Head Injuries form 

Per USA Hockey, if you are new to travel hockey we will need a copy of your birth certificate to verify date of birth and citizenship.

The completed forms must be submitted to your team manager prior to your first team practice.